About us

Søby & Partners is a law firm specialised in advising parties in the legal aspects of construction. Its goal is to maintain and expand its leading market role in advising the parties within the field of construction, always focusing on prompt services and quality so that its advice has the highest possible value to the client.

The firm is focused on the following areas of expertise: Construction law, contract law, professional liability and product liability, insurance law, mergers and acquisitions, EU law and international law, among others.

Søby & Partners assists clients in connection with legal proceedings, as well as assisting in contract preparation, claims in connection with variations and delays. It advices its clients during construction and in connection with legal proceedings and arbitration proceedings, and with claims related to builder’s guarantee and contractor’s guarantees.

Primarily, the firm advises Danish and international contractors. But it also advises owners, architects, engineers and other parties in the field of a construction project, for example banks and financial institutions.

Niels Søby, Partner, specialises in construction law, insurance law, mergers and acquisitions, EU law, and international law, and court and arbitration proceedings. He is an experienced counsel in international arbitrations in London and Paris. Niels Søby was admitted to plead at the Danish Supreme Court in 1979 and has a Master of Laws from the University of Copenhagen, 1971. Further, he speaks Danish, Scandinavian, English, German, French and Italian.

Søby & Partners has been a valuable consultant for participants in major Danish construction projects and supply contracts such as the Great Belt and Øresund links, the Copenhagen Metro, highway expansions, off shore wind farms and IC4 trains, among others. It also advises guarantor banks and insurance companies in the construction business.

Niels søby also works as arbitrator and has been Chairman in an international ICC arbitration case.

Moreover, it has also handled a number of disputes involving foreign projects.